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Section 8
Section 8 Program (*For program information, please refer to St. Clair County Housing Authority at 618-277-3290)
The East St. Louis Housing Authority (ESLHA) administers the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Section 8 Program. This program allows participants to seek out private landlords anywhere within St. Clair County, enter into a rental contract and receive assistance from the housing authority in paying their monthly rent. Participants must meet certain income limits as stated below.
1 Person 2 Persons 3 Persons 4 Persons 5 Persons 6 Persons
$14,250 $16,300 $18,300 $20,350 $22,000 $23,600
Note: The above figures do not take into account certain income deductions for which an applicant may be eligible. Potential applicants should not rely on the above figures exclusively to determine their eligibility.
Additionally, The ESLHA participates in three Section 8 voucher programs.These programs include the Tenant Based Voucher, the Homeownership Voucher and the Family Unification Voucher Programs.
Tenant Based Voucher
Our basic program is the Tenant Based Voucher Program. Under this program participants normally pay no more than 30% of their adjusted income toward rent and utilities. The housing authority makes a payment, known as the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) directly to the landlord. For example, a family is seeking to rent an apartment with a total rent to the landlord of $500 per month. The family has an adjusted income of $1,000 per month. Over simplifying the family’s situation, the portion of the rent the family would pay is 30% of their adjusted income or $300 per month. The family would make this payment directly to the landlord. The housing authority would make a HAP of $200 directly to the landlord. The combined total maximum amount that participant and housing authority will pay is known as the Payment Standard. These amounts are indicated below:
Tenant Payment Standards
Studio $513 Three Bedroom $905.00 Six Bedroom $1,257
One Bedroom $559 Four Bedroom $967 Seven Bedroom $1,402
Two Bedroom $694 Five Bedroom $1112
The ESLHA currently administers 583 vouchers.The housing authority strongly encourages landlords to participate in the HCV Section 8 program.Landlords may seek to have their names included on lists, which the housing authority provides to participants seeking rental housing.Both participants and landlords should be aware that HUD sets Housing Quality Standards for living units rented to program participants.Both are required to meet these maintenance and housekeeping standards as a condition of continued participation in the program.
Home Ownership Voucher
The Homeownership Voucher is a variation of the Tenant Based Voucher.A participant in the Homeownership Voucher Program must be in possession of a Tenant Based Voucher.The participant purchases a home and is able to have the HAP which would normally be paid directly to the landlord, go to the mortgage holder (bank or mortgage company) as part of the monthly mortgage payment.This allows the participant to build equity as a homeowner using the HAP.Interested individuals should contact the ESLHA Section 8 Department at 618 646-7122 for additional information concerning this outstanding program.
Family Unification Voucher
This program allows families with children for whom lack of adequate housing is a primary factor in the family’s separation or imminent separation, to participate in the Housing Choice Voucher Section 8 Program.These vouchers are initially provided by social service agencies other than the East St. Louis Housing Authority (ESLHA).When selected to participate in this program the social service agency will provide the necessary information to the housing authority and the family will participate in the program in the same manner as a tenant based voucher holder.Individuals or families who believe they may qualify for this program should contact the ESLHA, Section 8 Department to learn more about the program and the social service agency they should contact for an application.

  • *For Section 8 Program information, please refer to St. Clair County Housing Authority
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